In elementary school, I created many cartoon characters and would try to draw them as fast as I could on every white board, yelling, "when I'm older, I'm going to be a cartoonist!" My first comic books were made up of the scrap role call sheets at the YMCA. This would evolve into catholic high school Jordan drawing a comic on, "how to give a blow job," to all her best girl friends and eventually lead to a solo exhibit and participating in Zine Festivals in the southwest. Now, I am currently working on my first comic book. This shop is an attempt at keeping a promise to my seven year old self. 

I open my heart and shop doors to YOU! Welcome to Jordan Rae Herron's Art! 

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or a commission! (I'm most likely crying on a floor somewhere and your email will really pick me up)

email: jordanraeherronfilm@gmail.com

Follow the link below to see my portfolio! 

Jordan Rae Herron's portfolio website

  • Moonstone Pop Up artist vendor 
  • Desert Dog Brewery featured artist 2019
  • Participant in Albuquerque’s 8th and 9th Annual Zine Fest

  • Participant in Phoenix’s 4th Annual Zine Festival 2019 
  • Solo Exhibit: (1/11-20/19) The Jordan Herron Show at the CFA Downtown Studio